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Julia Valle’s Researchers’ Breakfast at Aalto Media Factory (Feb. 12)

What? Dress(v.): Investigating a Design Practice from the Maker’s Viewpoint

The project aims at raising awareness towards the experience of dressing through creative pattern cutting.

When? 8:30-10:00am, February 12th, 2016

Where? Aalto Media Factory Auditorium (Hämeentie 135 A 3rd floor, Helsinki, Finland)

For more information: Link

Open Lecture: Barbara Jansen, Feb. 4th

FTF Fashion/Textile FUTURES research group presents;
PhD Barbara Jansen’s open lecture

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.07.28 AM

-When? Thursday the 4th of February at 11.00-12.00
-Where? Aalto University Arabia campus Room 6088

Barbara Jansen will present her PhD thesis: Composing over time, temporal patterns – in Textile Design. The work presented in this thesis investigates through practice a new field of textile design exploring the visual effects of moving light as a continuous time-based medium. Thereby, the textile design pattern reveals its composition, not in one moment of time any more, but in fact over time.

Barbara Jansen is a textile designer whose design research aims to explore the interaction between textiles, light, movement and time. She has recently graduated from the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås with her PhD thesis, in which she investigates the conceptual and aesthetic development of lighting textile design, exploring interaction between daylight and textile surfaces, and the integration of artificial light into textiles. Thereby the focus of her research is shifting more and more towards the issue of how to compose time, movement and light inside textiles. Her work is driven by a pronounced experimental, practice based design research approach and bridges the use of craft and industrial techniques

Design Driven Innovations workshop by Prof. Roberto Verganti 10-11/12/2015

The workshop focused on:

  • positioning design within theories of innovation
  • focusing on design as “innovation of meaning”, i.e. the creation of new experiences
  • understanding the role of technologies (and in particular material technologies) as enabler of new meaningful experiences
  • exploring the process for the creation of new meanings through technologies.

Roberto Verganti is Professor of Leadership and Innovation at Politecnico di Milano, where he teaches in the School of Management and the School of Design, and where he directs MaDe In Lab, the laboratory on the MAnagement of DEsign and INnovation.

“We come from the age of innovation; to be more precise, from the age of innovation of solutions. In the last decade companies have strengthened their capability to solve problems in novel ways. They have now methods and tools to create unprecedented numbers of ideas both from within their organizations (e.g. design thinking, innovation jams) and from outsiders (e.g. open innovation, crowdsourcing). Firms nowadays do not lack ideas. They are overwhelmed by ideas.” (Roberto Verganti)

The workshop was organized by FTF Fashion/Textile Futures research group in Aalto ARTS and VTT as part of the DWoC and Trash-2-Cash projects.

T2C project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646226. DWoC is funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

DIGItex 2013-2014

Projektin tavoitteena oli tutkia ja kehittää digitaaliseen tekstiilitulostamiseen liittyviä tuote- ja palveluliiketoimintaratkaisuja tulevaisuuden kestävän kehityksen vaatimusten mukaisiksi. Projektin tavoitteena oli myös kehittää uudenlaisia digitaaliseen tekstiilitulostamiseen perustuvia tuotesuunnitteluratkaisuja.
Yhteistyössä mukana Printscorpio, VTT, TTY, TAMK ja Aalto. Projektin rahoitti Tekes ja Printscorpio.

In DIGItex project new product-service-system concepts for digital textile printing was developed.

Sustainable and Innovative Fashion Seminar and Exhibitions 2013

International sustainable Fashion seminar and exhibition was organized in October 2013.

Presenters and programme;

Kate Fletcher, University of London, London College of Fashion
Alternative Fashion Systems and the Craft of Use

Colette Armstrong, Oklahoma State University USA
Fashion Services: Influences on Patronage

Lisbeth Svengren-Holm, University of Borås, The Swedish School of Textiles
Sustainability and Trust in Consumer-brand Relation in the Fashion Industry

Anika Kozlowski, Ryerson University Canada
Innovation for a Sustainable Fashion Industry: A Design Focused Approach

Cosette Armstrong, Oklahoma State University USA
Sustainability in Fashion Education in the U.S.: How to Catch a Moving Train

Anja-Lisa Hirscher and Alastair Fuad-Luke, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Exploring New Enterprise Models for Open Source Fashion and Half-way Products – Case Studies from Finland.

Kirsi Niinimäki, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Redirective Fashion Design for Sustainable Consumption

Based on the seminar following publication was written:
Niinimäki, K. (Ed.) (2014) Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches. Helsinki: Aalto ARTS Books. ISBN: 978-952-5572-5

Zero Waste Fashion and Zero Waste Pattern Cutting workshop 2012

The workshop was coordinated by Aalto University and funded by the Baltic Fashion project. The objective was to gain practical knowledge of an innovative technique, Zero Waste Pattern Cutting, which could provide new perspectives for fashion design, while also developing sustainable design practices. The workshop was led by fashion designer Holly McQuillan. The participants included teaching faculty, students and designers from partnering organisations of the Baltic Fashion Network. This blog, like the shared notes and pictures from a course, serves as a tool for participants, to be used either as teaching materials or in their design practice. It is a public site for sharing information with anyone who is interested, for inspiration and introductory knowledge into zero waste fashion and zero waste pattern cutting approaches.