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New Member: Post Doc Researcher Elina Ilén

Elina Ilén has started as Post Doc Researcher and coordinator in EU project Trash -2- Cash in Textile/Fashion Futures -research group. She has close to 20 year experience of R&D-projects in the area of functional textile materials & products and textile electronics applications in fashion supply chain. The topic of her Doctor’s Thesis: Decontamination of wearable textile electrodes for medical and health care (2015) Tampere University of Technology.
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The European Paper Recycling Award 2015

The European Paper Recycling Council palkitsi Aalto-yliopiston uuden kehräystekniikan kehittämisestä. Kierrätyspaperia ja kartonkia käyttäen voidaan valmistaa kangasta ja tätä menetelmää on kehitetty ChemArts yhteistyössä. Näytekankaat on valmistanut muotoilun laitoksen Marjaana Tanttu, joka nyt työskentelee tohtorikandinaattina Trash-2-Cash projektissa Fashion/Textiles Futures tutkimusryhmässä.

VTT on kehittänyt ja toteuttanut kierrätyspaperin ja -kartongin esikäsittelymenetelmät.

Aalto University awarded The European Paper Recycling Award 2015

Aalto University has been awarded for the development of a novel spinning technique to produce textiles from waste paper and waste card board.  This new technique has been developed in ChemArts collaboration.The exhibited fabrics were produced at Aalto University Department of Design by Marjaana Tanttu, who is currently working as a doctoral candidate in Trash-2-Cash project run by Fashion/Textile Futures research group.

VTT developed and executed the pretreatment methods for the recycled paper and board. The ceremony took place 15.10.2015 at the European Parliament.