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Waste cotton project visits Shanghai

In February researchers from Aalto got the first ever H&M Global Change Award together with VTT and University of Helsinki (more info at Aalto University web page). The award came together with a one year innovation training program. As a part of that Marjaana Tanttu from FTFutures and Michael Hummel from Aalto Chem were participating a one week workshop in Shanghai.

This really interesting week included visits to H&M production and sales offices, and a factory visit to two Far Eastern Group textile factories, focusing on knitting, dyeing and garment manufacturing. During the week we learned a lot about textile process chain and volume of production in China. Below  is the first half of a factory hall devoted for fabric opening and quality check!

factory overview

A process revolutionizing cotton recycling wins the H&M Global Change Award


The Ioncell-F™ process adapted for the conversion of waste-cotton into new textile was awarded as one of five winners among 2,700 proposals.

The award of 300 000 euros was presented by HRH Crown Princess Victoria to  Designer in Residence Pirjo Kääriäinen, Professor Ali Harlin, Professor Herbert Sixta and Postdoctoral researcher Michael Hummel.