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New Member: Post Doc Researcher Elina Ilén

Elina Ilén has started as Post Doc Researcher and coordinator in EU project Trash -2- Cash in Textile/Fashion Futures -research group. She has close to 20 year experience of R&D-projects in the area of functional textile materials & products and textile electronics applications in fashion supply chain. The topic of her Doctor’s Thesis: Decontamination of wearable textile electrodes for medical and health care (2015) Tampere University of Technology.
Link to T2C EU project: http://trash2cashproject.eu/

T2C Trash-2-Cash

Designed high-value products from zero-value waste textiles and fibres via design 2015-2018

T2C is a multidisciplinary project which integrates design, business and technology to a coherent discipline to establish new creative industries. The aim is to develop new material and product opportunities via creative design from waste or process by-product, reduce the utilization of virgin materials; improve material efficiency; decrease landfill volumes and energy consumption and use design for recycling strategies with the vision of closing the material loop in the textile sector. Aalto ARTS will contribute to project through developing design methods for multidisciplinary collaboration, constructing principles for design-for-recycling, studying consumer engagement for recycling and in moreover investigating the new value creation in recycling economy. The project is funded by Horizon2020 EU programme and it is a large European collaboration between different research units, Universities and industrial partners around Europe.